10 Signs You Grew Up In A Medical Family

Good luck trying to fake sick in this house, buddy! :mrgreen:

1. Your parents have no qualms about bringing up bodily functions at the dinner table.

2. There are books with pictures of organs all over the house …

10 Signs You Grew Up In A Medical Family

3. You tried calling your parents at some point while they were on call, and this is the response you got.

10 Signs You Grew Up In A Medical Family

4. When you or one of your friends have a bruise/cut/throbbing pain, you call your parents first before seeing your own doctor.

5. You’ve grown an appreciation for all corny doctor jokes.

6. You got used to your parents diagnosing your friends without them even asking, and now you kind of do it too.

7. Unless you severed a finger, you never went to the doctor, because the doctor lived in your house.

8. But most things could be fixed with tylenol, or ice. (Or so THE DOCTOR told you.)

9. You’re unfazed by medical shows on TV, because you’ve heard more medical stories than you’d like to remember.

10. You were always sick as a kid, because your parents brought it home from the office.

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