20 Things the Pandemic Has Taught Us (So far)

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The new coronavirus is the evil of today. It has forced people to sit indoors, killing thousands, closing borders, killing businesses and continuing to ruin the economy.

And while SARS-CoV-2 gives anti-vaccines a demo version of the vaccine-free world, and humanity is still waging a battle with the enemy that catches us down, we can’t help but think about the lessons and conclusions we can we take them out of all that is happening to us.

What have we learned from the global COVID-19 pandemic?

1. It is not good to eat bats.

2. Health is precious and health should be a top priority.

3. Crisis plans need to be taken seriously. Or at least they exist.

4. When it loses, states (and allies) have no mutual cooperation.

5. It is not enough just to wash your hands, but properly and thoroughly.

6. Toilet paper production is a great business.

7. It was possible to keep the distance between the crates and counters.

8. People can live without betting offices.

9. It is wiser to buy medical equipment than to participate in Eurosong.

10. Documents could also be published electronically, and education digitally.

11. The digital education and e-services system needs to be developed.

12. Every business should have an e-shop.

13. Caterers could adhere to strict safeguards.

14. Much of the work could have been completed at home.

15. Many of the meetings could have been by e-mail.

16. The family is important and we should not neglect it.

17. It was not terrible to spend more time with your children.

18. Peppers contain more vitamin C than lemon.

19. Delivery of products could have been free or at least cheaper.

20. There are people who would take “preventive” pills (which they first hear) on their own “just to be saved”.

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