3D Video Presentation: What happens to the lungs infected with Coronavirus

29Mar - by Meddy Bear - 0 - In Doctors Infectious disease

A Washington hospital recently released a 3D video of the lungs of a patient infected with coronavirus.

The video shows severe lung damage to a healthy 59-year-old man with elevated blood pressure. As a person becomes seriously ill, the patient needs a respirator to breathe, but even that is not enough.

“This is not a patient with diabetes, a weakened immunity of 70-80 years,” says Dr. Keith Mortman. “Apart from high blood pressure, man has no other health problems.”

The areas marked in yellow in the video represent infected and inflamed parts of the lungs. When the lungs reach a viral infection, the organ begins to destroy the virus.

From the scan it is clear that the damage is not localized to one area but covers large areas of the two lung wings, showing how quickly and aggressively the infection occurred, even in younger patients. A patient with a healthy lung would not have yellow on the scan, “explains the doctor.

The patient remains in intensive care and is in critical condition. In some people, the damage could be irreparable, the doctor warns.

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