A Polish doctor has commit suicide because of the insults over the infection with COVID-19

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Famous Polish doctor Wojciech Rokita died last night at the Kielce hospital where he was director, Polish medias reported this morning. Rokita headed the gynecological department, and although he was infected with coronavirus upon returning from abroad, it was not the cause of his death.

Namely, Maximilian Matterna, a friend of the doctor’s family, posted a video on social networks explaining that Dr. Rokita had killed himself because of the numerous hate messages he received in recent days.

Rokita, along with the rest of his hospital, assured the public that he had no contact with any patients and the rest of the staff, but numerous social network users did not trust him, so they insulted him on social networks and in front of the hospital.

Materna’s family friend hired lawyer Suavomir Gierada to send a request to the Kielce state prosecutor’s office to investigate what the doctor was doing in the last days.

Relacja odbywa się za zgodą rodziny zmarłego dzisiaj profesora Wojciecha Rokity. Proszę o udostępnianie.

Posted by Maksymilian Materna on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

“Our opinion is that the wave of hatred is the only reason why the doctor committed suicide,”

Matterna’s lawyer said, adding that he would try to prove it.

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