American virologist: “I’ll show you a very powerful anti-corona weapon, the virus that is three times more serious than the common flu!”

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a public health agency there, has been a leading institution for decades in the fight against various health fur, but to everyone’s surprise, the coronavirus pandemic has not been reported very often.

However, the agency’s director and renowned virologist, Robert Redfield, recently spoke with NPR to discuss the plight of the United States and the world.

Dr. Redfield noted that medical experts and scientists have learned a lot in recent months about the new virus, and now one of the key findings is about its transmission.

“The coronavirus has the ability to be transmitted much more easily than the usual seasonal flu. It’s probably three times more likely to be infected now than usual, “he said, adding that most infected people have no symptoms at all.

That explains why the virus is spreading so rapidly across countries. We have an asymptomatic carrier and we have patients who transmit the virus 48 hours before their symptoms appear, ”he explained.

Redfield says that protective masks can be observed from two angles – as something that protects against potential other infected people, but also as something that protects others from potentially infected patients, ie ourselves.

However, he emphasizes that there is not always enough scientific data to determine the effectiveness of masks.

“I would like to thank all those who understood this and practiced the aggressive social distance. For those who have not understood, now is the time to change that. It is a very powerful weapon against the coronavirus. This virus can be easily transmitted from person to person. We need to move within at least one meter of other people. So, we just need to distance ourselves, and if we do that, the virus will not be able to stay and it will disappear, “said Redfield.

He also pointed out that collectively, as a world, we invest very little in public health.

He also concluded that in the next 24 months the virus will certainly stay with us, to a greater or lesser extent, and that we should respect social distance even when the peak of the epidemic passes.

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