An experimental drug was used to heal an Italian patient suffering from COVID-19

Doctors at the Infectious Disease Clinic in Genoa say they have successfully treated a 79-year-old man infected with Coronavirus with an experimental drug.

As the first chief physician at the Matero Bessetti Clinic said, it is a broad-spectrum antiviral drug, and the drug was originally developed to treat Ebola, developed by the US company Philid Science.

We have the first case of a person recovering with this medicine. Both tests showed that he was now negative for the virus and had already been released,

Bessetti said, adding that it was a time of exhilaration for them and that they would now try to help other patients with the same drug.

According to Slovenian Pop TV, clinical trials of this drug are also taking place in the United States, and Croatia will join the testing of drugs against Covid-19, said the director of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases in Zagreb.

The drug name is Remdesivir.

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