Definition Of Love For Medical Students

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Definition : A Serious Disorder Of The Heart Due To Relationship Between A Male and A Female Which Can Sometime Cause Death Of 1 Or Both Depending On The Resistance Associated.

– 1 Way
– 2 Ways

Age And Risk Factors : Usually Occurs After Puberty But Recent Studies Revealed That It Can Happen In Any Age Group Even In Children.

Sites Affected: Brain And Heart

– Time Pass
– Desired To Be Loved
– Money And Beauty

– Tension
– Sleeplessness
– Daydream
– Tachycardia
– Insomnia
– Phone Addict
– No Concentration

– Diary
– Album
– Books
– Mobile (Most Confirmatory)

Prevention And Treatment:
– It is a non preventable Condition Especially In The First Attacks
– Marriage Is The Best Solution For This Condition

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  1. Its a serious mental status, unlike a condition affecting the heart, resulting a relationship between A male and Female in which there thoughts and. Feelings of helplessness in the absence of the other. Signs and symptoms will include absence seizures as the lovers brain continously fires thoughts of sex and fondness for the other, other cns symptoms include emotional lability, and cyclothymia( depression when lover is away, and mania in the presence of lover) cardiovascular symptoms include tachycardias and arrythmias( skipped beats) at the sight of or thought. Of the lover! Other symptoms will include priapisms and in males and excessive secretions in females which will only be relieved by caddling and sexual indulgance. Investigations include, reading ones diary and literature which will reveal stalking like features of obsessive compulsive disorder, the mobile phone is the gold standard! It reveals candid information such as high text message count to a particular number, sweet messages a an rellenting need to see the other! Treatment is basically to ask him or her out, hold their hand, kiss their soft lips, hold them tight! Make love to them and if the disorder persists, marrying them!

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