Doctor’s message to her children: ‘If they lose me to COVID, I want them to know that Mommy really tried hard’

After a weekend spent on call in a New York City hospital, one doctor posted a message for her kids with a raw and honest view of what it’s like to be a healthcare worker on the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak.

“My babies are too young to read this now,” said Dr. Cornelia Griggs. “And they would barely recognize me in my gear, but if they lose me to COVID, I want them to know that Mommy was really trying hard to do her job. # GetMePPe # NYC.”


Dr. Griggs, a pediatric surgery fellow at Columbia University Medical Center, told CNN’s John Berman that it was a long, exhausting weekend for her and her colleagues.

‘Walking thru the fire’

The tweet caught the attention of many, including hip-hop artist, Missy Elliot.
“We’re going to talk it out of the mouth that your babies will read this, and you’re going to be around to tell them about your bravery and others! Thank you for your hard work helping to save lives,” Elliot tweeted.

Griggs said she thinks her photo to her two kids struck a nerve with people because her message “reflected what a lot of healthcare workers, especially in New York, are feeling right now.”
But despite the messages of support, Griggs said she doesn’t feel brave.

“Waking up and walking into the hospital can feel like walking into the fire,” she said. “I feel scared every day but I’m still very determined to go to work every day and do the job that needs to be done because I still love my job.”

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