Dr. Nicola is a true hero in Italy: And here’s what he looks like after 13 hours of work

What is happening in Italy is really traumatic, and doctors, nurses and all the medical staff are fighting heroically and sacrificially to save as many lives as possible.

In that struggle, unfortunately, many of them also lost their lives. The one in the photo is doctor Nicola Sagarbi of Modena, who posted selfies of his tormented face looking at traces of the protective mask he must wear while helping patients.

Italian doctors struggling to save huge numbers of infected patients are currently in the most difficult situation in Europe. Many of them post photos of their superhuman efforts to inspire others and boost their morale.

He wrote this under the photo:

I don’t like selfies. Yesterday, however, I took this photo. After 13 hours of intensive care after removing all protective devices, I made myself a selfie. I’m not and I don’t feel like a hero. I am an ordinary person who loves his job and who now, as never before, is proud of what I do, giving of myself with other wonderful people (doctors, nurses, technicians, cleaners).

Thanks to you and your hard work and sacrifice. It will pass if we are united in one huge joint effort. Don’t give up. Never.

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