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1. What is Meddy Bear?
Meddy Bear is a company which was founded on April 1st 2012 by Doctor Hanna Nawatha,
the idea was to create an Online Medical community for Healthcare professionals around the world, to be able to collaborate, and help each others for a better world!

Meddy Bear has:
A) We are mainly active on Facebook, Our main page has around 3 Million fans
B) Our official site is
You can find also other pages that belong to Meddy Bear for different specialties and countries around the globe.

2. What is your main language?
We write usually in English but recently we have also opened a new page for our french audience, you can see it here

3. What can i find in your site?
Active discussions/Clinical cases,
Hundreds of Pictures for diseases,medical students,hospitals,
clinics, universities and much more!
more than 100 Medical videos,
The most important next medical conferences
Free Medical books & many other links!

4. Who can join our Group and Fans Page?
This group was made ONLY for Doctors & Future Doctors
as the name says.

And if i am not a Doctor/Future Doctor
but i am still in the Medical Field?

For the other Medical professions we made these pages that you can join instead:

Nurses, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Veterinarians, Biology, Biotechnology

5. I have just joined your group 1 minute ago and now?

You can start by introducing yourself:
Tell us something about you, Click here

I am a German Surgeon, any useful pages to advice?

You can start by joining The German Doctors Page, where you can find medical news in your own language. If you are looking for the last updates in Surgery, We advice you to join the Surgery Page.

What about the other countries?

We made a page for all the active countries in our group, You just have to choose your country:
Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Greece Hungary.

And the other specialties?

Anesthesiology Dentistry Pediatrics Internal Medicine
For the rest please Download our Toolbar or click Here

After that you can do many things like:

A. sharing your medical pictures with us by clicking here
B. You can add videos
C. Add links by posting them on the group’s wall
D. See our events Calendar
E. For sure you can see our large discussions board
Feel free to open new discussion 😉

Thank you for joining us hope that you will enjoy your time with us 🙂

6. What about the rules?

By joining our Group you acknowledge that the rules
are a guideline – Administrators can block you for any
reason if they feel that it is to the benefit of the site.

Below are our rules:

– Only Doctors & Future Doctors
– No swearing whatsoever
– Follow staff requests
– Do not flood
– No advertising*
– Do not give abuse to anyone
– Speak English

– our groups/pages are moderated strictly for your own safety.
We advise that any disputes with admins are to be taken to
private message and not displayed on the wall.

– The examples shown are not exhaustive.
members may be removed from our groups for any act or statement
which we judge to be contrary to the good running of our community,
or the image that we wish to portray.

– Doctors & Future Doctors From All Over Th World! Team reserves the
right to remove anyone without notification and/or reason.
This service is a privilege, not a right and we together with all
our staff have the right to remove that privilege.

– Anyone found misrepresenting themselves, i.e. lying about their age,
gender,using fake profiles etc, will be subject to a ban or block.
For this reason, if you see that your profile was stolen and that the
one that took it used it in a bad way please let us know.

– Doctors & Future Doctors From All Over The World! operates a strict
‘no dirty request’ policy in all our groups/pages. If you are found to
be making requests of a sexual nature in any group, you will face a
ban from the group in question.

Finally, we ask that you treat other users and all staff with respect
it’s not asking much, we would like everyone to enjoy their
experience on the service and you, as an individual,
can help achieve that by simple following the guidelines for the
service and the groups/pages you use.

Thank you, and enjoy your staying!

* If you wish to make an advertisement, please inform a
moderator or administrator before doing so for the first time.
You are not permitted to do it unless you obtain permission.

6. How can i invite the doctors that i know to this Group?

Its very simple, Follow these steps:
A. join our Group Click here
B. Click here
C. Select all the Doctors/Future Doctors That you have in your list
D. Press on “Send Invitations”.

7. How can i invite them to the Fans page?

You Just need to:
A. Click on the left side of our Page on Suggest to friends
B. Choose the Doctors/Future Doctors that you know
C. Press on “Send Invitations”.

8. I have some suggestions, where can i write them?

Click here or email us to Docs@Live.It.

9. How can i add the admins to my friends list?

Click on the following Pictures: We will be happy to have you in our friends list. So don’t hesitate to add us 😉