Fighting for Life: A disturbing video from a hospital in Bergamo, Italy

21Mar - by Meddy Bear - 0 - In Infectious disease

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Pope John XXII’s hospital in Bergamo is the worst-hit health facility since the new Coronavirus pandemic.

The Sky News video data from that hospital depicts terrifying scenes – hallways filled with hospital beds with patients and medical staff in a constant rush of masks, gloves and protective suits. The video shows that everything is full of people infected with the virus, including waiting rooms.

Bergamo is located in northern Italy, in the province of Lombardy, which is the worst-hit area in the country. The death toll is over 2,550. The number of new arrivals is declining, and so is northern Italy.

The article states that staff are working non-stop to rescue as many people as possible. They gather around newly arrived patients to set up monitors to measure their heart rate, infusion and most importantly, respirators, without which patients cannot survive. Bergamo’s main hospital has so far rejected the media, but they have decided that it is necessary for the whole world to see what they are facing.

Doctors in Bergamo say that Covid-19 does not affect the body as much as the flu, but rather as pneumonia that kills people daily.

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