For these serious diseases patients are often misdiagnosed

It is very common for specialists not to notice the tumor, vascular problems, and some infections that can lead to sepsis and be fatal.

The wrong diagnosis is the most common medical error, but also the most serious.

It is not known how many people have been harmed by misdiagnosis, but it is estimated that there are about 40 to 80,000 deaths in American hospitals each year due to misdiagnosis! In Europe, there are no such statistics, but the estimates are that the number is also very high.

Some experts, are really concerned about this issue, have started researching and analyzing more than 11,000 reported cases of negligent treatment to find out which health conditions doctors are most often mistaken for. The results are published in the journal Diagnosis.

“There are about 10,000 diseases, each with different symptoms, so it can be a little discouraging if you try to solve the problem of misdiagnosis,” said Dr. David Newman Toker, director of the Institute for Successful Diagnosis.

The “Big Three”

The research team concluded that the number of health conditions associated with the most common diagnostic errors was surprisingly small. Three different diseases that have been responsible for the most serious mistakes are: infection, vascular problems, and cancer.

Scientists have analyzed how serious and common mistakes are and where they most often occur.

More than a third of the errors that caused death or severe damage were related to tumors. Misdiagnosis of vascular problems occurs in 22% of cases and 13.5% in infections. Scientists have divided the “Big Three” into 15 specific conditions, with lung cancer, stroke and sepsis at the top. The list also includes heart attack, melanoma, prostate and breast cancer.

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