How are the symptoms of Coronavirus developing day by day

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Once exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19, it will take several days for the symptoms to develop. The average time frame from first symptom to recovery is 17 days, but some cases are fatal.

Science Insider explains in this video in detail how your symptoms look and develop day by day.

Most of them are mild, about 20% of patients have more severe symptoms or become critical. The disease begins with fever. About 99% of patients developed high fever, while more than half had dry cough and fatigue, fatigue. A third also experienced muscle aches and difficulty breathing.

Research from the Chinese Center for Disease Control shows that about 80% of cases of coronavirus are mild.

People recovering from the disease are released home after two and a half weeks of hospital treatment. The average incubation of the virus is 5 days. When symptoms appear, they are similar to pneumonia. But pneumonia does not progress so fast. Most patients receive antibiotic treatment to stabilize the condition.

9,386 people have died from the new coronavirus and 229,959 people have been infected. 86,254 people recovered.

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