Latest news related with COVID-19: Over one million infected world-wide

According to the latest data, 1,266,771 people infected with the new coronavirus have been registered in the world so far. Of these, 69,177 died and 260,967 recovered. Latest results you can find here:

– “Prince Charles will open a hospital in Nightingale that will be able to accommodate up to 4,000 patients infected with the new coronavirus,” British media reported.

– Only one church in the United States has infected 71 people with coronavirus. Sacramento County, California, is one of the largest hotspots in the United States.

– The Germans warn that distance school education, which has been introduced due to the spread of the virus, is not good in the long run. They state that this is not a standard model applied by the school, and refer to research, according to which this type of teaching provides only a quarter of the acquired knowledge.

– The Spanish city of Zahara de la Sierra is isolated from the world and there is not a single case of coronavirus infection.

– 31 new cases of coronavirus infection and four deaths have been confirmed in China. The total number of infected people is now 81,620, 3,322 have died and 76,571 have been treated and released from hospital.

– Google released reports from 131 countries on whether to reduce visits to stores, parks and other gathering places last month, after many governments ordered them to stay home in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

– China advises foreign diplomats not to come to Beijing. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said it had contracted COVID-19 among foreign diplomats and advised them not to come to the Chinese capital during the health crisis.

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