Latest research: The Coronavirus is most likely to spread before the first symptoms occur

Almost the entire world is at some stage of the fight against the spread of Coronavirus. While the numbers in China are encouraging, news coming from Italy and Spain shows that Europe is facing some tough weeks. The biggest problem is that the Coronavirus,or SARS-CoV-2, is a new species that scientists and doctors know very little about. Everything we know so far has been revealed in the last few months.

But a study in Germany found that the spread of the disease comes before the symptoms themselves. Although the study included only nine people with Coronavirus positive who had symptoms. They have been regularly treated with swabs from their nose and throat, and have been found to have produced millions of viruses before their bodies show the first symptoms of the disease.

Director of the Munich Schwabin Clinical Infectious Disease Department, Clemens Wentner, noted that patients with Coronavirus and before the onset of the first symptoms produced up to 1,000 times more viruses than patients with SARS. Exactly that may be the main reason why the disease is spreading at such a pace in the world.

It is particularly interesting that although patients were infected and had symptoms of the disease, they ceased to be contagious after eight days of onset. Doctors think this is because of the activation of the patients’ immune system. At the same time, it may mean that patients ten days after the onset of the first symptoms are no longer contaminated with the environment even though they are still positive for the coronavirus.

Although this is a small study, doctors say the discovery could help slow the spread of the virus, especially by avoiding gatherings. Namely, the first German patient transmitted the virus to his colleagues when he sneezed at one of the meetings, which included handling and staying in the same room for an hour and a half.

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