Is this Man the World’s Sexiest Nurse!?

Is this Man the World’s Sexiest Nurse?

Spanish nurse Fran takes temperatures – and raises them too, with his alluring Instagram photos! The Madrid-based nurse also moonlights as a dancer and a model, and he might just be the sexiest nurse in the world.

“Is it possible for a nurse to be TOO hot?” ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork wonders. He asks Attorney Areva Martin, “Could you handle this?”

Areva has no doubts! “I could handle that!”

“There’s also something sexy about a male nurse,” she adds. Her brother is a nurse and she says women are crazy about him!

Dr. Stork concludes, “I love it when people promote the profession of being a healthcare provider. There’s a nursing shortage in our country and around the world, and we need great nurses.” Areva points out that he’s also giving male a nurses a higher profile, which is a great way to break stereotypes about the profession.

Suarez is one seriously handsome male nurse, (also known as a “murse”) who works at a hospital in Madrid, Spain.

Fran Suarez Hottest Male Nurse


In fact, Suarez is so damn good-looking, people are calling him the world’s hottest male nurse.

Fran Suarez Hottest Male Nurse



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