Medical Student Syndrome

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Medical student syndrome “MSS” also named medical student disorder, medical student disease and hypochondriasis of medical students is a condition frequently reported in medical students nowadays.

MSS is a constellation of psychiatric symptoms that affect the mood and behaviour of a medical student, especially during the first year of studying medicine.

While Medical students are learning medicine they read lists of symptoms for different diseases daily. Although they are completely healthy, they feel that they are suffering from the symptoms of specific diseases and they have it.

For example: If a medical student is reading about swine flu he may feel its symptoms and do unnecessary laboratory tests to confirm his wrong diagnosis.

Now the disease included millions of non medical students who can easily search in the internet about any disease and believe in having its symptoms.

If you suffered from this syndrome before share with us your experience through writing your comment here.

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4 Replies to “Medical Student Syndrome”

  1. Lol so true.. theres no disease (including some cancers) that iam not having (in my mind).. n sometimes doubt people around me r suffering from serious diseases

  2. Lol this is true. I got checked up so many times. My recent on was last week while i was attaching in ophtalmology clinic. I heard a glaucoma blinded man who said he had flashes of light before it happened, i immediately went to the senior and said i have flashes of light too and got checked but it was all fine 😀

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