Nearly 2 million people infected with coronavirus have recovered more than 450,000 people

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The number of people infected with the coronavirus in the world has approached 2 million, with almost 120,000 dead, according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University and the portal Worldometeres.

1,920,985 people have been infected with the new coronavirus worldwide, and 119,686 people have died, according to Jones Hopkins University, while 1,925,571 people have been infected and 119,718 have died, according to Worldometers.

The disease has cured 452,178 people.

Of those currently infected, 96 percent have a mild clinical picture, while four percent or 51,157 are in serious or critical condition.

The United States currently has the highest number of infected people – 587,155 and a total of 23,644 deaths.

According to the latest figures, 170,099 people have been infected in Spain (17,756 have died, 64,727 have recovered), 159,516 have been infected in Italy (20,465 have died, 35,435 have recovered), and 136,779 have been confirmed in France, with nearly 15,000 dead and 27,718 injured.

Behind them are Germany with 130,072 infected (3,194 deaths and 57,259 recovered), followed by the United Kingdom with 88,621 confirmed infected people and 11,329 deaths.

China has reported 89 new cases, confirming a total of 82,224 infected, while 3,341 have died and 77,738 have recovered.

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