Situation with Covid-19 worldwide: italy with lower daily deaths for the first time

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A total of 651 new deaths from Covid-19 were registered in Italy yesterday, a nearly 20 percent decrease over the previous 24 hours, when 793 people died from Coronavirus – bringing the total death to 5,476 out of a total of 59,138 infected.

The daily rate of new infections has also slowed, rising by nine per cent, compared with an average of about 15 per cent in the past two weeks.

Health officials warn the battle has not yet been won, but Italian authorities have for the first time cautiously expressed hope for a coronavirus withdrawal soon.

– The figures released today are lower than yesterday. I hope, and we hope, that the reduction will be confirmed these days, said Civil Protection Chief Angelo Borrelli last night.

In South Korea, the number of infected people is decreasing

South Korea has seen the smallest number of new cases of Covid-19 since February 29, suggesting that the epidemic after China’s, most affected Asian country is likely to decline.

UAE suspends flights to curfew in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s curfew comes into force tonight after the number of Covid-19 infected rose by almost 25 percent, while the United Arab Emirates suspended all passenger and transit flights to and from the country.

The curfew, ordered by Saudi King Salman, will last 21 days from 19 to 6 pm.

Trump: We’ll make a decision on Covid-19 after the 15-day plan expires

US President Donald Trump has said he will decide “which way we want to go” after the expiration of the 15-day deadline to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

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