Six delicious foods that slow down kidney function

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Diet affects the functioning of the kidneys, and excessive use of some foods may interfere with their proper functioning.

Foods that interfere with kidney function if you overdo it:


This food is recommended for eating because of the many nutrients it has, but excessive intake makes it difficult for the kidneys to work, especially if you have other health problems.


Excessive intake of meat and meat products can affect the kidneys. The breakdown of animal protein is sometimes more difficult to process, so the kidneys cannot completely remove the harmful substances from the body.


Healthy eating involves consuming 2.3 g. salt daily, and with every exaggeration you prevent the kidneys from dropping excess sodium from the body.


Bananas contain a high percentage of potassium. If you have kidney problems, it is not recommended to eat foods rich in this mineral.

Milk products

They are rich in vitamins and minerals, but excessive intake of milk, yogurt and cheese does more harm than good. These foods contain a greater amount of phosphorus which also has a bad effect on the kidneys. Therefore – carefully with dairy products.


Orange is rich in vitamin C, but also high in potassium. Just like with bananas – if you have kidney problems you should be careful.

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