That tiny human

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Hello I am Dr. Nishat from Bangladesh. I just finished my graduation from Chittagong #Medical college here in Bangladesh & doing my internship here. Last week I was on duty in #neonatal #ICU & I would very much like to share this story with you guys.

#Preterm, weight only 1.5 KG, also suffered from birth #asphyxia with #convulsion , & now #jaundice! Was the weakest among the twins. But the fight he put up with the life – I was stunned . During follow up, he is throwing around his arms everywhere – pulling out the chords & Tubes , won’t let my #stethoscope touch his chest – then cried so loud that I almost got deaf for a second , while checking his sucking reflex, I’m pretty sure he tried to bite me 😂 ( only if he had teeth) , & then when I was checking his Palmer grip,he won’t let go my finger, stopped crying instantly, just held the finger & gave the prettiest smile I have ever seen. ♥️

Swollen eyelid, half closed eye, inability to speak, & the pain – made me miserable than ever. But this one made me think, to hell with these. Put up a fight with whatever you have!I learned from a neonate today.
Day 2 ; it was a boy.

This tiny human actually really inspired me in work. I hope he inspires others too who are in verge of loosing their mind in work

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