The UK will fight the coronavirus by infecting as many young people as possible

Herd immunity is a term used in immunology that is often used in vaccines and vaccinations. While European Union members are combating the coronavirus by applying measures such as mass testing, monitoring contact with infected, quarantine, closing gardens and schools, the UK is considering another strategy.

In essence, the idea behind the British plan is to have as many young people as possible infected with the coronavirus and thus gain “herd immunity”.

Herd immunity is a term used in immunology that is often used in vaccine making and vaccination. For example, when vaccination against a disease is around 95% it is said that herd immunity is achieved because those vaccinated children do not transmit the disease and thereby protect those who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons.

About 60% of the population needs to become sick and become immune, in the case of coronavirus immunity, the UK says. In other words, to achieve immunity for the flock, about 40 million Britans must get COVID-19.

But the problem is that some of those people will have to die. Even if the population had a mortality rate of around 1% (which is far below current coronavirus mortality – at 3.4% according to the World Health Organization), in the coming months around 400,000 people would die in the UK.

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