This guy has managed to come back to life!!

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Mr. Prashant, a 25 year old male was riding a two wheeler on the highway when he met with a road traffic accident, collision woth an auto rickshaw
he was brought to the casualty at NKPSIMS MEDICAL COLLEGE, NAGPUR, INDIA where he was attended by the general surgery residents, Dr. Rahul Saboo and Dr. Zaki
the patient had suffered severe facial injuries and surprisingly no other body injuries, head injury or intra abdominal injuries

he was stabilized and operated the next day by Plastic surgeon Dr. Parikshit Janai and Neurosurgeon Dr. Abhijeet Hazra and assisted by Dr. Rahul and Dr. Zaki

it’s been 6 years now and the patient is doing perfectly fine, living a normal life and getting married soon.

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