Unborn baby DANCES and WAVES in womb in unbelievable 4D ultrasound scan

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This viral video shows how active unborn babies can be in the womb and it’s a lot of fun for expectant parents to watch

4D Ultrasound

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Posted by Meddy Bear on Saturday, December 19, 2015

This video of an unborn baby has had more than six million views – because the little one looks like it’s DANCING in the womb.

The amazing footage is from a 4D ultrasound scan – and it really looks like the foetus is bopping away inside its expectant mum , although no more is know about her identity.

Originally shared on medical social network Meddy Bear’s Facebook page on December 19, it came from the site in Ukraine, where doctors, nurses and medical staff can post unusual, entertaining or interesting news about their roles.

While many of us are familiar with 3D ultrasound images which show still images of unborn babies , 4D scans can show moving 3D images.

The foetus is seen in a variety of positions, moving its limbs and even kicking out against the womb, before giving what looks like a big yawn.

On the move: The foetus looks at times like it’s dancing and waving on the ultrasound scan

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The Facebook response to the post has been colossal, with many remarking on how much the 4D scan can show expectant parents.

Connie Girlando wrote: “Wow, 4D ultrasound, that’s beyond amazing… to think that is all they know.”

Facebooker Kirsty Hartley added: “Wow!

“Freaks me out a little bit to see how much the baby moves (not had one yet) but also amazing.”

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source: The Mirror




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