Why do young people play a key role in the fight against the spread of Coronavirus?

The new Covid-19 may have less consequences for young people, making them easier to survive. For this very reason, their role in the fight against the spread of this deadly virus is important, warns the World Economic Forum.

The good news is that Covid-19 does not develop serious problems in children and young people. The bad news is that they transmit the disease to older people who are at higher risk of death.

This chart shows the mortality rate of Covid-19 in China. People younger than 40 have a 0.2 percent chance of dying if infected with the virus, while older people have a 15 percent risk.

Young people are much more active, but unaware that the virus is spreading at high speed.

Although it is unlikely that young people will develop the disease, they are key for preventing the spread of the virus.

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